Client's Process

Step 1: Schedule your teeth whitening session appointment. Call us to schedule your appointment at 931-400-0800.
Please note, we do not see customers that are nursing or pregnant. Customers age 14-17, must be accompanied by a parent.

Step 2: Be sure to eat something and brush your teeth before arriving for your appointment. You won’t want to eat or drink anything besides water for 2 hours after your appointment, so it’s best to not arrive on an empty stomach.


Step 3: Arrive on time for your appointment.


Step 4: Fill out quick paperwork.

Step 5: Teeth whitening session (20-60 minute sessions)

Step 6: Walk out with a beautiful smile on average 6-10 shades lighter.

Listen to what lightlu customers haVE to say

“My smile has never been whiter. I’m so glad I found you!”

“Who would pay $500 at the dentist, when you can come at Lightlu for less than $200? I’m hooked for life.”

“Thanks for the amazing session. I ditched everything in my bathroom after coming to you guys. So easy:)”

“There’s no excuse for yellow teeth anymore. In and out in an hour. Piece of cake – thanks!”

“After years of paying double for whitening at my dentist office, I officially am a Lightlu life customer now.”

“Thanks for my white smile. I never realized how yellow my teeth were until I came to you guys. Seeing is really believing.”